Monday, March 19, 2012

Visiting the Medina (Old City)

This afternoon was our first day really going out to see the city.

We first went to the Medina, which is also called the "old city." There are no cars allowed to drive around the narrow streets, and there are so many twists and turns that its easy to get lost in the labyrinth(maze)-like streets. The only options of getting around is walking or riding a bike or motorcycle.

There are many street vendors in the Medina that seem to sell any and everything you may need. There are also historical houses that you really cannot see any part of, besides the door to these homes, some of which are very beautiful.

Beginning of the Medina

Craftsman sanding a newly built wooden table.

Each doorway seems to hold so many items for sale.

Deeper into the Medina.

Down a narrow street in the Medina. No wonder no cars are allowed!

What used to be a fountain. Each color of tile is separate from the rest. Beautiful tile work.

A man praying after the muezzin, or announcer, alerts the public over a very loud loud speaker that it is time for prayer for Muslims. 

Food for sale, cooked fresh!

CDs and DVDs for sale.

The start of beautiful doorways. 

What do the pictures remind you of? Are there similar vendors and/or markets in other places in the world? at home in New York City? Let me know what you think!  


  1. They look like old english houses to me. The look like doors from castles. It doesnt really remind me of NYC, it reminds me of royalty.

  2. There designs are very creative . I bet it would be fun to ride there in a motocycle.Ms. Cummings you should ride around there on a motocycle.

  3. My Mom and I, in the summers, go to the East Village in NYC to walk around and shop at the little boutiques and stores there. We always stop and look at the beautiful doorways and architecture of the old churches there. Some with the most beautiful details remind me of the doorways in Morocco; Holy Redeemer Church, Grace Church, and St. Nicholas church.

    Samantha A

  4. The pictures remind me of all of the vendors in Times Square. They also remind me about the time I went in the Bahamas. I saw many vendors similar to those in Morocco.