Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Last Day Teaching at A. Dakhil HS

Today was our last day teaching at A. Dakhil HS with Mr. El Moncef. :(
We participated in a discussion on global values with an advanced English class for some of the high school seniors, and then participated in Mr. El Moncef's classes for that day. 

The advanced students worked in a group of 4 students to create
 their own Power Point presentation in English on global values. 

Some students in Mr. El Moncef's class put on a skit for us to practice their English.

More English practice

After class, some students posed for pictures. 

The student in the red shirt is very dedicated to school. 
Each day he walks 8 miles to and from school because this is the closest high school to his house. 
When he gets to school, he doesn't complain or seem upset. He is very excited, at least in English class. 
That is dedication to learning!

Some of the high school seniors that gave us a tour of the school on our first day here. 

The farewell reception from the Moroccan teachers at A. Dakhil HS.
They must have really liked us!

Before eating, I went to wash my hands.....

and I found a little frog enjoying the moisture from the outdoor tap. 

The school's parking lot - no driving around looking for parking for Mr. El Moncef!

The Moroccan National Anthem painted on a school wall. 

The school gave us a thank you award for our time spent with them. 
We should be thanking them for the great experience!!!

A closer look. 


  1. Ms. Cummings, you look so nice in picture #10. And they wear clothes like we do, too! (In picture #7)

    1. Thanks Ariell, and yes, they do wear "regular" clothes like we do.