Monday, March 26, 2012

An Afternoon & Evening in Fez EC#12

Upon arriving in Fez and pulling ourselves away from the beautiful riad, 
we explored the old city, also known as the medina, a bit. 
The gate into the medina.
The other side of the gate.

The ancient walls that surround the Old City of Fez, or the medina.

A peek at the Fez Gardens.

An entry way to the University in Fez - College of Moulay Idriss

On to the famous cafe in the Fez medina

The view from the top of the cafe of a nearby mosque's minaret. 

Extra Credit Question #12
What was my dinner during my brief stay in Fez? 
The French menu and picture below are big hints! 
Make sure you are specific to get the extra credit :)

View of the bottom of the restaurant from the rooftop floor. 
Its a good thing this restaurant is famous in Fez, because I don't think I would have followed this long, narrow hallway to get in or out of the restaurant without a trusted recommendation.

Stopping at a Fez "corner store."

The inside.
Looks very similar to home, except no wall or door at the front entrance.


  1. You had Camel Buger with ketchup with salad & fries taza

  2. 1. how do people get in the corner store
    2. You kind of covered the menu with your hand
    But any way, you had:
    -a bun with
    -a burger
    -a tomato
    -a slice of onions
    -Salad with
    -I think Romane leaves

  3. Burger de Chameau avec Ketchup de Taza avec Salade and frias = Camel burger with ketchup and salad with Taza frias

  4. Your entree included (clears throat):

    Camel burger w/ ketchup w/ salad & fries

  5. burger de chameau ketchup de taza avec salade et frites: camel burger with ketchup taza salad and fries
    Katlin P

  6. you had a burger( onions and tomatos)
    and salad (Lettuce etc..)

  7. Those who said camel burger are correct!!
    It was very tasty and my stomach loved it :)

  8. a bun with
    a burger
    a tomato
    a slice of onions
    Salad with
    I think Romane leaves