Monday, March 19, 2012

Dinner Time!! Monday 3/19

Tonight we ate dinner at a restaurant in the city called Dar Naji. 
The food was excellent once again!

Getting seated for dinner on semi-traditional Moroccan seats. They are usually closer to the floor, these were like regular chair height.

The menu, printed on leather.

Beautiful traditional Moroccan light fixture.

Appetizer #1 - Each pile is chopped up eggplant, carrots, and tomatoes mixed with herbs like cilantro, onions, and more with an olive on top.

Appetizer #2 - A fried patty of minced chicken, potato and roasted almonds covered with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

Entree #1 
Rfissa - curried chicken with onions over shredded bread. 
The shredded bread was very similar to paratha roti or buss up shut roti that is made in the Caribbean.

Entree #2 - Beef Tagine with prunes and half of a boiled egg. 

The national Moroccan drink is sweet green mint tea. 
Here is the waiter pouring it in the traditional way for us after our meal.
The higher a man can pour tea, the stronger he is supposed to be - or so they say in Morocco.

Entrance to the restaurant.

Leaving with a smile!


  1. luv the lights, and dont forget my souviner (i cant spell)

  2. did the tea actually get into the cup? it looked like he was trying to spill it on the table

  3. The tea did get into the cups, even though it does look like it is about to spill. He had a lot of cups to fill for all of us.

  4. That sure does look like a lot of food, you'll be working out when you get home. How was the curry different than our curry here, was it spicier? No dessert?

    Samantha A

  5. souvenir, my mom spell it for me (katlin P)lol

  6. When it comes to lights you could tell that Morocco is very creative

  7. Did you have an allergic reaction to any of these foods? And I wish our American menus were printed on LEATHER! :(

    1. Fortunately, I have not had any allergic reactions to the food. I told the coordinator of the trip before hand about my food allergies, so she was sure to ask if there was anything I am allergic to in the food options before I ordered so she could let me know what I shouldn't eat.

      Thanks for asking!

      American menus could be a bit more creative like this.:)

  8. That was very smart. And yeah, I wish we were as creative... *sigh*