Thursday, March 22, 2012

Host School Visit

Today, I visited my host teacher's - Abdellatif El Moncef - school in a very small town called Ain Aouda.
While there, I made a presentation about Philipa Schuyler JHS and shared some of the student presentations on "A Day in the Life of a Schuyler Student" which the Moroccan students loved. 

Mr. El Moncef teaches English level 2 to 10th graders and has been teaching for 16 years. 
This is his first year at his current school. 

Close to the school - very rural.

The school in Ain Aouda.

The other teacher I am paired with to visit the host school this week - Ms. Welling - talking to the students. 

Answering one of Ms. Welling's questions in English

A presentation of traditional Moroccan treats - almond-filled dates, and Moroccan caramel candy with milk.

Mr. El Moncef teaching a lesson.

Mr. El Moncef using the Promethean interactive whiteboard to explain the use of past tense in English. 

The school yard. You may be able to see the basketball court in the back.

Each doorway leads to a separate classroom. 

Sheep on the side of the road as Ms. Welling and I leave the school to visit Mr. El Moncef's house. 

Mr. El Moncef's wife prepared a delicious Moroccan dinner for Ms. Welling and I. 

Mr. El Moncef and his family before we ate.


  1. hope the food was yummy(katlin P )

  2. cool, thats really alot of food

  3. Did you show the Moroccan students my "A Day in the Life of a Schuyler Student"?

  4. Do they play any different sports than what we play in America?

    1. The students like football or what we call, soccer, a lot. I'm not sure if there are any native sports, but I will ask.