Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chellah or Sala Colonia Necropolis EC #14

After this morning's events, we went to visit medieval ruins right outside of Rabat near the Bou Regreg River.

The entrance. 

The walls extend for a while. 

The historical site is right across the street from Rabat's ancient city walls and a very busy street. 

Inside the protective walls, we see the ruins of the once Roman town built before 1100 AD. 

Part of the pillar shown here reminds me a lot of ancient Egyptian pillars. 

Part of the view.

You can still read some of the ancient Roman writing carved into the rock.

An old mosque built in the middle of the site. 

Even back then, the doorways were beautiful.

A map of the site. 

These birds have taken over the site and seem to be the modern inhabitants. 
The nests were all over the site. 

Imagine when this site was still inhabited, how large it must have been 
and the view they must have had of the Moroccan countryside. 

Nesting eve on the minaret of the mosque.

Some of the small buildings separate from the main site are still in tact. 

Extra Credit Question #14 
What can you tell us about this Necropilis? (From this description and/or from researching online.)

Behind another doorway.

Seems like a large room for large gatherings. 

Some of the carvings are still in tact!

The tiles are still in tact from 1100 A.D. ! 
That's more almost 1,000 years ago. 
That takes some skill!!

Even back then, there seemed to be large courtyards with fountains. 

Designs in the tile work even back then.

A view over one of the walls of the site - a local farmer at a normal day of work. 

The garden that smelled of sweet jasmine and other flowers. 

The detail is incredible!


  1. The name of it is : The Necropole Merinid

  2. Do Morocco have like a white house??

  3. The Sala Colonia is now used as a mosque and is a mausoleum. This building was inhabited by the Romans until 25 C.E, it was still inhabited by various tribes. It was even used as a military training sight against he christians in Spain. The magority of it is untended gardens and ruins from Roman and the Empire Marinid. The necroplis suffered from a earthquake in 1755, but some of the ruins are still intact.
    Stiven Peter
    Rome once ruled colonized Britain