Monday, March 26, 2012

Leaving Fez, Back to Rabat

The end to a great Moroccan culture-filled 2 days. 
Back to work tomorrow!

Fez train station

Train station ceiling. 
These intricate designs seem to be all over!

Departures display.

Goodbye Fez - another minaret in the background.

Similar to how we sometimes have to walk through an underpass in the subway, this is the Moroccan version - much cleaner than some of the NYC subway underpasses, and well lit!

This train had a room for up to 8 passengers -
 similar to the trains in Harry Potter as the students make their way back to Hogwart's.

 Views from the train window.

I thought Morocco was more of a desert, who knew it was a green oasis!?


  1. Wouldn't you move there if you could?

    1. I could definitely see myself living in Morocco :)

      I might miss my students too much though :(