Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 2 at Host School

Day 2 at the host school - Aberrahman Dakhil High School

On the way

As you can see, the school is located in a very rural area.

A sign lets us know that we are getting close.

Ms. Welling presenting to the students about her students.

Everyone, even Mr. El Moncef is listening intently.

On the way back to Rabat.

Beautiful valleys with a lot of untouched landscape.


  1. WOW such a different look from the rural areas in New York. Some pictures remind me of rural farmland in California.
    Samantha A

  2. Do they have a lot of matural diasters in Morocco

    1. Ms. Welling and I actually asked Mr. El Moncef that question this morning. No, Morocco does not have many natural disasters. He told us that the last one was an earthquake in the city of Agadir around the 1960's.