Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ghandi High School Visit

Today we visited Mr. El Moncef's wife's school - Ghandi High School in a small town called Sale. 
The school is on the top of a mountain across from Rabat. 
Mrs. El Moncef teaches English to 10th grade students. 

The school yard on a rainy morning. 
The students in Morocco seem to love soccer. 

Our wonderful guides around the school.

The security dog on watch.

Faculty lounge

View from the faculty lounge. 
Someone must have gotten a late start this morning.

A bulletin board highlighting a school ski trip to Ifrane, Morocco - the Swiss Alps of Morocco, 
one of the few places where it snows enough to ski.

One of the school art pieces.

The main gathering area for the students - while they are in class.

A student presentation begins on Moroccan music.

More welcome speeches.

They loved the camera!

During the change of classes and 10 min break. 

From a higher view.

Students coming up with ideas for our in class activity.

A few more presentations.

This is a class of 42 students - I couldn't get a picture with all of them in it,
 but they are all energetic and ready to answer the question!

A Moroccan class progress report

Each teacher reports on how the class was behaved for each class period.

The class roster.

A student in traditional southern Morocco clothing and headdress.

A presentation about the new Moroccan mall in Casablanca.

The students loved us, a couple even came back during another class period for more pictures. 

Dressing up Ms. Welling

The main school gate - so long!

They even waited outside for us to talk to us some more and get a few more pictures. 

The view from here was amazing!

A local mosque on the drive back to Rabat.

The view - even through the clouds was beautiful.

Moroccan highway.

Soccer stadium.

A present from the school's principal - a great way to end our school visits. 
Moroccans are so hospitable!


  1. How come in most pictures its shows the two boys

    1. Its not exactly most pictures - most refers to a majority of the pictures. In some of my descriptions, I said that some students came back for more pictures - those two were the students I was referring to.

  2. Ms. Cummings your lucky to be in Morocco. It seems like a nice place.

    1. It is a beautiful place - scenery, people, food. I hope everyone gets a chance to experience Moroccan culture at least once.

  3. Are they in science class because it looks like they are wearing white lab coats?

    1. This is an English class. The white "lab coats" are to protect the students' clothing from chalk dust or other materials that may get on their clothes throughout the day. Some wear it, but it is not mandatory.