Tuesday, March 27, 2012

English class Tuesday 3/27

Today in class, students shared out brief skits that they 
created in pairs on a conversation they might have in
 the grocery store with a shopping list they created. 

Here are some pictures of students acting the scenes out. 

Here are two pairs collaborating on how to improve their skits. 

Another skit performance.

After the share out, the lesson for today was on the past tense and how to change English verbs from the present tense to the past. Mr. El Moncef  distributed a worksheet for students to work on together. 

The scenic ride home. 

A stop for a small familiar snack!

It tastes the same as the one at home :)


  1. Jahmil Barnswell: Mc Donald's taste is universal!

  2. Did they speak english while they were doing the skit?

    1. They did speak English. Check out the short video clip of them that I posted!