Friday, March 30, 2012

Last Meals

Lunch and dinner.

I had to end the trip with a lamb tagine - yum!!

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Henna Art Work EC #15

One teacher had some henna done on her arm and hand. 
She also had a picture of a student who had the palms of her hands done. 

Extra Credit Question #15 
What exactly is henna?
What is it made of?
Who uses it?
Why is it done?

Student's palms

Another teacher on the trip's arm

Her palm.

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Hassan Tower and Mausoleum of Mohammad V Video Clip

Workshops, Chellah, Mausoleum of Mohammed V, Hassan Tower, & the Kasbah of the Oudayas

Today was the last full day in Morocco. 
We started off with a workshop to reflect and share our experiences in 
different areas of Morocco and how we can include these experiences in our teaching. 

Then we took a trip to Chellah, the historical site that I visited earlier this week.

A native fruit.

A jasmine tree - it smelled so lovely.

The remains of a Roman statue

A pool that some Moroccans believe has an eel living in it who can help women get pregnant. 

Women trying to get pregnant can leave a boiled egg in the pool's water. 
The belief is that if the eel eats it, then the woman will become pregnant soon.
The white pieces on the pool floor are egg shell remains.

Here is a close up of some eggs that were left earlier today.

Leaving Chellah. 
The view is still amazing!

Two guards on horses guard the Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum of Mohammad V, 
one of Morocco's previous kings and the current King's grandfather.

The mausoleum and the mosque next door to it. 

The Hassan Tower

Wonderful artistry.

The current King was just leaving the mausoleum. 
One of his workers wearing a traditional hat called a fez, on guard.

Going up to the mausoleum.

The mausoleum guard.

These are the tombs of King Mohammed V and both of his sons.

A qu'ran nearby.

the ceiling of the mausoleum

Tile work in the mausoleum. This was all done by hand, one tile and one color at a time.

The tomb of King Mohammed V up close.

A little closer, notice how much detail the carver put into the casket.

More beautiful artistry.

These beautiful archways are everywhere!

A nearby fountain.

A closer look at the mosque next door.

The Oudayas
The entrance

A vendor at the entrance selling sweets.

The garden.

Another beautiful doorway.

The Oudayas is similar to a medina, but located on the coast. 
Several coastal cities in Morocco have an oudaya.
The walls in an oudaya are all white on the top half and blue on the lower half. 

An orange and orange juice vendor.

The beach!
There were even a few people surfing.

Another view.