Sunday, March 18, 2012

Slight change in plans

So.... as we were heading to Rabat, the capital city of Morocco,  the pilot let us know that we had to land at another city close to Rabat because of a bad wind storm in Rabat. We then had to take a bus for 2 hours to Rabat from this mystery city.

2nd extra credit question:

This modern city I mentioned  is the largest in Morocco with over 4 million people living here. What city did we have to land in instead of Rabat?

1st person or people to post before I allow someone else's post with the correct answer gets the EC. (Extra credit )

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  1. the largest city in Morocco is Casablanca


    1. Great job Roger! You were very quick with a response. The extra credit goes to you. :)

  2. You went to Casablanca? I hope you took pictures. Did you wear a scarf to prevent the wind from getting in your hair?