Monday, March 19, 2012

Lunch menu EC

My lunch menu today was in French.

3rd extra credit question:

Whether you are taking French class  or not, can you translate what I am having for lunch today? Most of what I selected is circled. I also selected the filet de pageot.

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  1. varied salad and pear tart !! sounds yummy ! :9

  2. Varied Salad- Salade Variee
    Pear Tart- Tarte Aux Poires

  3. salade variee in english is varied salad, while tarte aux poires is pear pie in english


  4. You just had....
    -mixed salad
    -Fillet of sea bream
    -Pear Tart

  5. You're all correct. Great job on the translation. Since all of you posted before I was able to make your posts public and visible to others visiting the site, you all get the extra credit!

  6. i should say the kids are pretty good in translating fresh in english. but tarte do not translate tart in english; pie is the correct translation. tartelette or tartine is translate tart since is very smal.(Katlin P mom's)

    1. You're technically correct Mom. I figured they translated it well enough for some extra credit. Thanks for helping us with the correct French word!

  7. Replies
    1. It is just a pie. Like apple pie.( katlin p)

  8. lol. Should has Kate to add the reply if i knew lol. I was a little hard if you don't use to french on a regular basic. ( by the way Katlin P will be using my blog)