Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Casablanca Public School Visit

Today we visited a public high school in Casablanca. 
One of the teacher unions is on strike fighting for smaller class sizes and more school funding, so the students at this school did not have classes today. The teacher we visited still came to show us her class and her students were eager to stay for their class to show us how well they have learned English. 

Students gathering outside of the high school gate, finding out that they do not have school today. 

Some graffiti outside the school. We should take their advice. 
Notice how they use some of the same word shortcuts as we do. 

Inside the public school classroom. 
I can definitely agree with this!

Students working on a do now activity. 

The teacher's lesson plan.

The teacher helping some students as another student just wrote an answer
 to one of the do now questions on the board. 

How teachers are evaluated by the principal.

Students working on a group activity.

Ms. Cummings with some of the students. 

Some of the students in traditional clothing.

Outside the school building.

School yard

 Student Projects
 Projects on energy conservation

 Some of these pictures the students used look very familiar..... 

Moroccan teachers must be explaining the importance of energy 
conservation and the effects of green house gases too!


  1. Are there anythings in school that the Moroccan kids could do that,American kids cant do in school?

    1. Lunch in Morocco is from 12pm - 2pm. Students have the option of going home for lunch or staying in school during that time.

      The students can also keep their coats on during the school day as you can see in a video clip.

  2. OMG, they are JUST like us. We have Do Nows, we get projects, we have graffiti on our outside buildings (except theirs has a positive message), and we get group activites! :D. Small world...

    1. I am glad that you can recognize the similarities between you and Moroccan students so easily.